Helpful Tips on Getting your Home Ready to Sell!

If you embrace the concept that “first impressions” are “lasting impressions” then this article from AARP on decluttering your home, should be of interest to you.

d2e4f86b1fbf62aa3799dc3430b1c2c2“My experience over the last six years as BIC of Hound Ears Real Estate tells me that for the average prospective buyer what they see when they drive up to a house is half of the ‘first impression’ and then when they walk inside is the other half of the ‘first impression’.  Listening to the commentary after showings, buyer prospects will typically comment on neatness, orderliness, and cleanliness.  After that, the drivers that move prospective buyers to the point of an offer are price, perceived value, qualities of the property meeting desires/needs and amenities (in order of comments received; view, stream, boulders, tree canopy).  Once the offer reaches contract stage, then the analytical stage begins, home and radon inspections, structural inspection, financing considerations and lifestyle considerations.  As you consider listing your property for sale, what you do to give that ‘first impression’ will set the stage for what follows for an offer, contract and closing.”

                                                                 —John R. Morris, Broker-in-Charge, Realtor®



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