Looking for A Quiet, Simple, More Enjoyable Life?

It’s time to escape the rush and find your dream home here in Hound Ears Club!

Come for a weekend and you will want to stay for a lifetime! Don’t take my word for it, take it from John Morris, Vice President and Broker-in-Charge here at Hound Ears, who also happens to be a full-time resident and member of the club.59280_1379411092315_5135091_n

“My wife of 57 years and I bought our dream chalet some 15 years ago now, and were intent on doing 6 months in Fort Lauderdale and 6 months in Camp Hound Ears.  That lasted two years after we decided no more I-95 traffic headaches, no more rude and crude people in a hurry to go nowhere when we sold our Fort Lauderdale condo and really began living the golden years in this lovely, view laden paradise.  I get to sit out on my deck, look at a faraway mountain and the sunsets that go with it, watch the incredible birdlife that are constantly visiting our feeders, feed corn to the deer that much prefer our hostas and on occasion witness the night before visit from a black bear.  Then there’s golf on the home course rated in the top 100 courses in North Carolina…”

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